God without Borders

Many of us have heard about Doctors Without Borders. It is the non-profit group that has doctors doing their skills in other countries. Well, I have a similar situation. But, mine is with God and not sick people. I was contacted by a fellow teacher in another part of China this morning asking me about a summer camp I worked at for the past two years. And then he said he heard that I am strong in my faith in God. He is too. But, he and his wife are in a middle ground that I am familiar with.

Many of my Christian brothers and sisters will debate me on my beliefs and my theories about my faith. They tell me that I should read the Bible, go to church, believe this or that in regards to today’s social agendas, that the ONLY way into heaven is through Jesus Christ, that the Bible is the actual word of God “inspired” by God through men, and so on. And, I will consistently debate them on this issue by saying that we will have to agree to disagree on the debates they want to have with me. ‘

Here is my take on my faith and relationship with God. It is between He and I. We have a great bond together. Yes. I speak to Him and He speaks to me. I know this sounds crazy to many people. So be it. But, He has shown me that I am not wrong in my theories. He has blessed me greatly and has not tried to steer me in the direction that my human counterparts have. And, I will take His guidance over a human guidance any day.

Years ago, I turned my ENTIRE life over to God. I believe He has a master plan for me. In order for Him to complete this plan, I can either accept it or I can fight it. When I fought His plan, He would be the Father that He is and spank me to lead me in the right direction. So, it is just easier for me to follow His will. I have written about this in my previous blog posts.

It is not always black and white like many of my Christian friends like to believe. For instance, many of them firmly believe that to be “right” with God, you need to be in a church because the Bible says you should. Well, again, I agree to disagree with them. For one, when disciples of Jesus converted people, sometimes a “church” was not around, let alone other Christians. And, since the Bible was never developed at that time, how would people know this. And then there are people in this world who are like me now. I am in China. Yes, there is a huge Christian population here. But, they all speak Chinese and not English. There are a few English speaking churches in places like Beijing and Shanghai. But, I am not in those cities. So, does it make sense for me to sit in a church every Sunday when I have no idea what is being said? Nope. I choose to hold church in my heart.

I am told that I need to believe in the Bible and it is supposedly clearly states that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. Well, of course the Bible says that. It is for Christians. The church developed the Bible for their beleivers and to grow the sustainability of the church.  It was not designed for people of the non-Christian faith. If you read and study other Holy books of other faiths, they say that you need to follow XYZ to find heaven. For me, I know of a God that loves all of His creations. We are all children of God. And, the God I know loves us more than we can measure. So, I can not see my God sending His children to Hell because they don’t have a belief in Jesus Christ. All God commands of us is that we love Him. I believe people can love God without having known Jesus Christ. I do think the path to heaven through Jesus Christ is a much easier path to follow. But, I do not think it is the only path to God.

When you are in a comfortable environment that allows you to do the things a church commands of you, you can accept these things. Since my life is not normal like many of my Christian brothers and sisters, things are not as black and white. But, it really does not matter to ma any more what others say or think of my faith. It is really none of their business. They can continue to enjoy their way of faith and love of God they want. I am confident in my relationship with God in my own way. I am not trying to make people conform to my way of theology and belief. And, I respectfully ask that my brothers and sisters do the same. Stick to your own brand of faith and leave others to their own. Sure, you can speak to others about your brand of faith. And, I have no problem with you trying to “convert” people to your faith. That is what you think you are called to do. It is how the church has stayed in business for over 2000 years. But, try opening up your mind from what other human Christians dictate from your life and learn to love all people and accept all people for who they are. There is no right or wrong when it comes to loving one God.


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