Train rides are…


Ah, spring is back in China, as are the women’s fashion.

20150411_180257 20150411_180353 20150411_180222 20150411_180243 20150411_180421

Standing room once again on a train. Lucky for me, it is only an hour trip. For others, it is hours of travel. When you get standing room only, people pack themselves in like cattle and try to get as comfortable as possible. But, I usually make some good “at the moment” friends. On this trip. I met a young university couple who will graduate this July. Both will be teachers. She is an English teacher and he is a PE teacher. They are a loving couple, holding hands and looking more western in their relationship than Chinese. They asked for my QQ to keep in touch with me. They go to school here in Shangrao. I hope to meet up with them again one day soon. The two boys in the picture were fun too. I think they thought I was a traveling comedy show. In fact, I was kind of today. I had people smiling and laughing with some antics. Most had no idea what I was saying. But, it made for a better trip for all of us to laugh and have some fun with each other. It may have been a packed train, but we all made the best of it. Having a foreigner on the train to get to know makes their time better. And, after the day I had in Guixi, I needed this experience. Not a good day today overall in Guixi. But, that is detailed in my previous blog posting.


As I was waiting for my train to arrive in Guixi, I noticed these guys across the street painting the building. I have seen this type of work before. No safety harnesses. A rope tied to the roof. And, they are sitting on wooden boards. In the first picture, it looks like it is not very high. I took the second picture to show that this is a large building of about 8 stories tall. This is common in painting building in China. Not for me, thank you.


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