Happy Easter/QingMing Day

Today is Easter Sunday in the world. And, it is Qing Ming Day here in China. They kind of share the same concepts. But, as the Chinese mourn the dead and remember their ancestors, the world is celebrating Jesus conquering death and we rejoice in eternal life.

Chinese will go sweep the graves of their ancestors and pay respects. As a Christian, I tell them that they can go to Jesus’s tomb and sweep it too. He is not using it any more since He rolled the stone away and has come back to life.

Chinese will go climb a mountain to find enlightenment. Christians go to Church to celebrate the miracle of Jesus and our salvation.

We will eat a fine lunch or dinner. The Chinese will do the same.

We celebrate the warmth of spring on this day. Chinese do the same.

We like the Lily flower and other flowers of Spring. So do the Chinese.

Kids go searching for Easter eggs. Well, there is one big difference. Nothing to go find for the kids.

Many holidays are shared between China and the world. Maybe we are not as different from one another as many claim. China is a remarkable country and the people are equally remarkable. Now, if we can just get the governments out of the way, we might have a little more peace and understanding in this world.


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