Jishan Park

IMG_5162 IMG_5169 IMG_5175

The other day, my boss He (pronounced Haaa with a gurgling sound), took me to the local park. It was actually pretty uneventful. It is a nice park that they made about 10 years ago. But, it is winter and nothing is green. It look nice, but, not as nice as other parks I have seen. But, some things were interesting. There is a playground that you have to pay to play on. The pictures of some of the things are above. It was kind of interesting to see some of the play equipment that would be banned in America due to safety reasons. Ah…to be a kid in the 1970’s before government restrictions and activist for child safety.

An old man was walking past us. He stopped and asked He if I was Russian. RUSSIAN???? Really???? I have been called German, British, Australian, and Canadian. But, never Russian.

We climbed the hill to an old temple. It is about 300 years old. Just your typical temple. It is a great view of the country side, despite the heavy pollution. Speaking of which, He, points to the mountains in the distance, that you can not see through the haze, and says that for many years there were coal factories and mines near the mountains, but the government closed them down to help control pollution. This is a day I just keep saying REALLY???? If they were closed due to pollution and the pollution I am seeing on this day that obscured large mountains only 20 miles away, I would hate to see what the pollution was truly like here.

On our way out of the park, we are walking by some apartment buildings. Someone has spray painted phone numbers on the walls. Now, I think I know what the numbers are for. In many building complexes, tradesmen would put their numbers on walls to advertise their services. Things like electrical, plumbing, water deliver are all common. But, these numbers I am seeing this day are illegal I am told. They are advertising fake college degree certificates. If you do not go to college, you earning potential is very much reduced. So, to get a better job in a larger city, you have fake diplomas made showing you graduated from college. I thought this was interesting.

After the park, we walked back to the hotel and finished our walk.


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