Exciting Jishan!?!


We have all heard the saying, “nice place to visit. But, I would not want to live there.” Yep…Jishan is that place. I have been here for a month living in a hotel room, working a winter camp. I am ready to leave any time. I feel I have seen all that Jishan has to offer. It is kind of like living in a small country town in America. For entertainment, you go out and tip the cows at night. Woo Hoo.

But, it really is not all that bad. It is a quiet, sleepy town in a busting at the seams country of over a billion people. It is nice to see these small town still exist. And, every now and then something happens to surprise you.

IMG_5184 IMG_5183 IMG_5178 IMG_5171

For example, traffic in China is always fun to watch. It always amazes me how they do things here that would get you thrown into jail or have your children taken away from you. The pictures are prime examples of this. And, I see this all over China. Not just Jishan. Riding motorcycles and scooters without a helmet. Oh, not to mention that there are three people on the scooters, with some of them being children. And, this is not uncommon. And, sometimes, they put four people on a scooter. Of course, Murphy’s Law prevented me from getting a picture of four people on a scooter. I was standing there for five minutes and saw four people on a scooter many times. I take out my camera and I did not see it again for the 10 minutes with my camera. I put my camera away. Four people on scooters began going by me again. Ugghhh. Damn Murphy and his laws. I dod not see it on this day, but I have seen people riding with their dogs on scooters. I once saw three people on a scooter and one of them was holding their golden retriever dog in their arms. Wow. What a sight.

But, there are always other traffic situations that catch my eye. Especially overloaded vehicles. This too is common to see in China. Especially in country communities.


But, one thing that was new to me was this traffic issue. Taking your sheep for a walk down a busy street, blocking traffic and walking through a traffic light was a surprise to me.

IMG_5187 IMG_5188

Of course, a day would not be complete without a nice walk and seeing kids using the streets (or in this case, our school steps) as a toilet.


But, I take all this in stride. It is China. And, these type of things keep it interesting to me.


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