New Year’s Eve Class Party

Every class has developed their own party and show. I was invited to Class 9’s party. I am glad I was. I have been wanting to see this young man dance. He takes professional dance lessons. He was in my English Corner.

It was a fun party. Many kids sang (badly). And, much of it was in Chinese. But, I still enjoyed myself with the kids.

Sorry for the quality of the video. I forgot my camera and had to use my phone.

20141231_134445 20141231_134849 20141231_135223 20141231_140126 20141231_140649 20141231_140749 20141231_140756 20141231_140801 20141231_140823 20141231_140834 20141231_140843 20141231_141151 20141231_141651 20141231_141654 20141231_142636 20141231_142655 20141231_142704 20141231_142712


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