Guilin China

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This is our hotel we stayed in Guilin. It is a little boutique hotel with a small museum inside. It is very comfortable. We have a great view of the lake across from the hotel. At night, there is Chinese music played in the park. We can hear it at night with the windows open. Very relaxing.

IMG_4864 IMG_4865 IMG_4866 IMG_4867 IMG_4879 IMG_4872

These are pictures of Guilin from atop Solitude Peak.

IMG_4882 IMG_4881 IMG_4880

This was a sign board at the Solitude Peak. I have seen these type of signs throughout China at sightseeing places. But, this is one of the best. Have a read of the signs and get a good chuckle.

IMG_4886 IMG_4883 IMG_4887 IMG_4889 IMG_4896

Two girls, in ethnic costume, were getting their pictures taken. I asked to get my picture taken with them too. They were very sweet. The dinner picture is of the Guilin Duck dish famously served here. It was quite good. I liked it better than the Peking Duck in Beijing.

IMG_4898 IMG_4899 IMG_4900 IMG_4901 IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4907 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 IMG_4913 IMG_4915 IMG_4916 IMG_4917 IMG_4918 IMG_4925

Pictures from the cruise boat on the Li River through the Karst Peaks region of Guilin. I wish the China Haze would be cured. It is terrible for picture taking. Nearly everywhere I go in China, the haze is always there. I have doctored the pictures some using a photoshop program. The river was quite low and narrow this time of year. I was amazed that boats of this size could still maneuver up and down the river. It was very beautiful. And, we had good company on the boat for 4 hours. Of course, many of the kids became my best friends on the trip. It never fails.

IMG_4919 IMG_4921 IMG_4923 IMG_4924

The young man in the sweater is Jason. He was our English speaking guide for the day. I got to know him pretty well. He has been a guide on the river for two years. He went to university so he could be a tour guide. And, he has some wonderful ambitions for his life. A tour guide can either make a tour great or terrible. Jason made it great.

There is a picture here of a line of tour boats heading back to Guilin. You get an good idea of how narrow and shallow this river is right now.

IMG_4926 IMG_4927 IMG_4928 IMG_4930 IMG_4934 IMG_4933 IMG_4932

These are a few pictures of Yangshao, which is the arrival destination for the cruise. We took an optional excursion to this small village. I did not feel like taking a rafting trip on the river. While I waited for Brian, our guide and I sat and had a beer along the river and just chatted. We watched the sunset over the peaks and had a great time. Very peaceful and relaxing.


In Yangshao, these guys were there begging for money. They are old Chinese soldiers from the Vietnam War. When you gave money, the ones sitting would applaud you and the man standing would salute you. There is a sign that asks “foreigners” not to take pictures or videos. Apparently Chinese people could. How rude! Ha Ha. Yangshoa was filled with people hawking their wares and begging. It was not fun for me and I became agitated. It is a nice place. But, I got tired of every vendor vying for my dollars.

We are still in Guilin at the time of this writing. We have one more day and then a 13 hour train trip back to Shangrao on Sunday. Stay tuned for more pictures.


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