English Corner Video 5 of 5

I had the kids do a project in our English Corner. It will take several weeks to complete the project. I had each team of two choose a country in the world that they wanted to learn about. I then gave them the Wikipedia information about each country. Each packet of information is like a book actually. This week, they had to introduce their country. They were suppose to make it a report to a class. In future classes, they will do conversations between two friends, interviews of a travel reporter and a native of the country, and the last one will be a debate format. They really seem to like this. They are learning culture and geography, while learning to speak English. I am posting five videos and will tell you why I am posting the videos. Some reports are very good. Some need work. I hope you enjoy watching them.

I am showing this video for two reasons. The first reason is that it is very funny to me. You will see why. The one boy is very shy. But, the second reason is because of the talent the shy boy has. As shy as he is, and as poor as his English is in class, he has a remarkable memory (I think). He tells us facts that he has memorized. None of the other students did what he does with his report. He did write a few notes on his hand. But, he seldom looks at it. He is reciting the facts from his memory. I see much potential in this kid. I hope to encourage him more and make him a great speaker of English. Yes, he is a class clown. But, he is so much more too.


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