English Corner Video 1 of 5

I had the kids do a project in our English Corner. It will take several weeks to complete the project. I had each team of two choose a country in the world that they wanted to learn about. I then gave them the Wikipedia information about each country. Each packet of information is like a book actually. This week, they had to introduce their country. They were suppose to make it a report to a class. In future classes, they will do conversations between two friends, interviews of a travel reporter and a native of the country, and the last one will be a debate format. They really seem to like this. They are learning culture and geography, while learning to speak English. I am posting five videos and will tell you why I am posting the videos. Some reports are very good. Some need work. I hope you enjoy watching them.

This first video is the best of the best. And, they decided to do a conversation, instead of a report. It is funny and entertaining.


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