English Corner Pictures

IMG_4846 IMG_4845 IMG_4844 IMG_4843

We developed an English Corner at our school. Brian and I are teaching only 15 students at a time. I teach 3 sessions and Brian teaches two. We do this at lunch time. We do not get paid extra for the time we use for the English Corner. We do it because we know there are many students that want to learn English better. So, we volunteer our time. And, the kids sacrifice their lunch break from all day of classes to attend. So, it is a labor of love of English and learning that drives all of us.

I found a vacant office in the building. We cleared it out and made it into a classroom. It is very small. We can only get about 15 students into the room at one time. So many more students want to attend. But, we do not have any more space. Maybe next term, we can have a bigger room.

I had my students select their favorite English word and make a poster to decorate the walls. And, on another wall, Brian and I are taking photos of our students and putting them up for the kids to see.

The English Corner has been a great success. It does make the day much longer since we do not get a lunch break. But, if the kids are willing to sacrifice their break time, I surely can. They go to school from 12-13 hours a day. I only have to teach 4-6 hours a day. So, I am not going to complain about teaching them during my break.


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