Dinner Party


A friend and coworker came to town from Beijing. She is the one in the middle of Brain and I. Her name is Tracy. I like to cook western food for my Chinese friends. So, I have a dinner party. I cooked two separate main courses. I fixed tacos. And, I fixed a Beef Pot Roast in the slow cooker. This way, if they did not like one, they could eat the other. Well, I showed my Chinese friends how to make a Mexican taco. I then went into the kitchen to finish some things. When I came back, my Chinese friends was putting the Beef Pot Roast, veggies, and the taco fixing all together on the tortilla shells. I tried to explain again what they should have done. But, they did not care. They said it was good. They all liked the food very much. We have a wonderful time together.

Funny thing about Chinese dinner parties. If they are at someone’s home, it only lasts about an hour. Once you are finished eating, people leave. If you are at a restaurant, you can sit there for hours. Just a Chinese culture thing. TIC.


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