National Day in China

IMG_4708 IMG_4707 IMG_4712 IMG_4720

October 1 is National Day in China. It is like America’s Independence Day. Just without the hoopla. Which is very surprising to me. When you think of other Communist and Nationalist countries, I typically think of military parades, flags everywhere, and a big show. Not so much here. And, as much as the government has been pushing nationalism to the people, students and military, I thought it would have been a bigger spectacle. There were a few flags at the public square. But, that was about all. Many people have the week off. It is one of their Golden Weeks. A Golden Week is when Chinese people have time off work to travel to see family. I even thought many businesses would be closed. Nope. The almighty dollar dictated that businesses stay open during the holiday. Kind of sad really.

My friend Brian and I went for a walk to a local park on the holiday. We had hoped to see some entertainment. There was a live show. No fireworks. A few paper lanterns being floated into the sky. And that was about it. You can see the video I made.

Most of the Chinese holidays are not very glamorous. Not like you would think from old China. Everything has given way to commercialism, capitalism, and family. No dragon parades, music, or pageantry associated with the holidays. I guess there is some of this in some regions of China. Just not much here. I hear that they have dragon boat races in the summer.


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