Day at a Mountain…Longhushan Mountain

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Today, I went on a trip with some friends from the company. I went with the company’s boss (David), my regional boss (Susan), my former teaching assistant (Wang Hao: Laura), and her boyfriend (Big Boy). It was a beautiful autumn day. The mountain is known as the birthplace of Taoism. And, in the cliffs are the cliff coffins. The people of the land, 2600 years ago, placed the rich dead in wood coffins in the cliff caves. We also got to take a bamboo raft trip down the river. The old man in my video sang to us and told local legend stories to us. At one point of the trip, some people on single bamboo rafts came over and sold us some food. It is sticky rice with ground hazelnut wrapped in leaves in the form of a triangle. These are meant for good luck and are usually eaten during special holidays in China.

The day was just what I needed. And, it was great to spend the time with good friends. We had lunch made from local delicacies. Fish, vegetables, and soup. Really, it was not that good. But, it was nice to eat with everyone. All the fresh air made us all sleepy.


2 thoughts on “Day at a Mountain…Longhushan Mountain

  1. i was wondering were you have been since i have not seen any posts from you in a few days. The river ride looks fabulous to say the least. so pretty and i am sure the clean air was refreshing.


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