Annual Medical Exam

They did a sonogram on me and the nurse said I had a “strong warrior” coming. I questioned her. She had forgotten who she was working on. That strong warrior was just a tuff of stomach hair that distorted the image. I am so sad mom. Thought you might finally get that grandchild. Ha ha.

5:00 AM wake up. 6:00 AM departure. A three hour car ride with some other foreign teachers to Nanchang. And, stand in line after line after line. Not my idea of a fun day.

In order for us to get our residency permits renewed, we have to go through a thorough medical exam every year. This year, we had to travel to the capital of Jiangxi Province. It is a long drive to get there. Once we arrived, they process our passports and other papers. We then have blood taken, urine test, blood pressure, x-rays,  body stats, EKG, and a stomach exam with a sonogram type of machine. It is all pretty routine. Nothing exciting.

We found a Pizza Hut for lunch and had a nice meal. I like the foreign teachers I traveled with. There were two couples. One younger couple from Texas. And, the other couple is from Pakistan. The female one from Pakistan is with baby. Very happy for them. They have been in China for many years.

We slept most of the way home. But, I did wake up long enough to see some of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and greenery of the area. It will be fun to explore.

My body is sore. I am tired. And, I have classes tomorrow afternoon. I will spend the rest of the evening preparing my lessons and relaxing at home. Thankfully, I have some pizza left for dinner.


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