China’s Ethnic Cultural Outdoor Museum – Beijing

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Yesterday, I went on a day trip with two of my friends. We visited the Chinese Ethnic Cultural Park near Olympic Park. It was a wonderful experience. I think this museum/park is a hidden gem in Beijing. Too many tourists, and Chinese, do not know it exists. It is a shame too. It is very educational, entertaining, and enjoyable. It was a shame that there was the traditional “Beijing Haze” in the air that day. But, overall, it was a great day to spend time with old friends and see something new.

I have been to the Great (Good) Wall, T Square, Forbidden City, National Museum, Summer Palace, and many other sites in Beijing. Nothing really compared with this location. It is a must see when you come to Beijing. Each area of the outdoor museum hosts one ethnic group of China. The buildings are made in the replicas of the buildings you would find in their communities. Some of the buildings have authentic furnishings. It was wonderful to see something that was real. So many of China’s cultural treasures have been either destroyed or stolen in the past decades and centuries. Many of the ethnic village areas have performances of various traditional dances and activities. You do feel like you have stepped into their communities when you are at the museum.

And, yes, I could not resist taking a picture of the Phallus poles in one area. But, I was not alone. I laughed as I watched two women use their phones to get a nice, close-up picture. They took turns taking the pictures for each other, pointing and touching the “poles”.



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