Bye Bye Birdie

The bird I was raising has flown the coop. two weeks ago, I found a baby bird fluttering around in the hallway of the dormitory I am staying in. I have no idea where it had come from. It looked to be only a week old. Such a scrawny thing it was. Through two weeks of many feeding of bread/water, hamburger, and the few flies I caught, I was able to see it grow and develop. A few days ago, I got to see the bird take its first flight. It was not pretty. Just flying aimlessly into walls. Two days later, it was flying with purpose. The eating habits were changing too. It began to refuse the bread/water. It then stopped eating the hamburger. So, I knew it was time. I placed the nest I made from a wastebasket out on the air conditioner unit outside of my second floor window. After some time, it took flight and was gone. I came back at lunchtime and found the bird back at it’s nest. But, I did not feed the bird. It was time for it to fend for itself.

It rained last night. My thoughts went to the bird. I was hoping it had found a place to nest. It is the type of bird that nests in holes. And, I was hoping that it was able to find food on its own. I have done all that I could to prepare this wonder of God to live a successful life on its own. It is in a place with few predators. Very few cars and human interactions. And, a location with plenty of food and other birds.

Thank you God for the gift and blessing of the bird. It was a great distraction.

IMG_3462 IMG_3461 IMG_3612 IMG_3608


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