Field Trips Day at Camp: Forbidden City, Beijing China

IMG_3525 IMG_3526 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530 IMG_3531 IMG_3536 IMG_3538IMG_3534IMG_3535


One of the best parts of a field trip is what happens on the bus. Of course, sleeping is great too.


IMG_3559 IMG_3556 IMG_3553 IMG_3552 IMG_3548 IMG_3546 IMG_3543 IMG_3580 IMG_3563 IMG_3551 IMG_3542 IMG_3540

Our group is at the Forbidden City in Beijing China. We had a great time together.


I love seeing the sugar candy vendors. They have such art to turning sugar into beautiful, edible art treats.

IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3575


I saw this little man sleeping and I just had to get a picture. So adorable. And no, he is not part of our class. Ha Ha



This picture just goes to show how a foreigner in China can become part of an attraction. Chinese people will come up to you all the time and ask for your picture. So, we are attractions, within the attractions. This is my friend Shawn getting his picture taken by a Chinese family.




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