A Difference of Culture

Ok….before I begin this, please try to lose your western ideas. Well, if you want a good laugh, don’t. Either way, what you are about to read is very funny to a westerner.

Let me lay the groundwork for this. My friend Cherry  was married in January. You can see pictures of her wedding and read about the experience in the blog. She went to live at her husband’s home in Shanghai. Three months later, she came back to Ganyu. It was not for a visit. Apparently, if you are not with baby before your wedding, you have about three months to get one in the oven. Cherry couldn’t get one in the oven fast enough apparently. So, all the elder women in her life encouraged her to return to Ganyu for “traditional Chinese Medicine therapy”. I am still not sure what that means. Being a seaside town, maybe it has something to do with oysters (if you get my drift).

Well, I found out tonight that Cherry is with baby. Three month along apparently. Cherry returned to Ganyu two months ago. So, mother nature was at work already. Ha Ha. If you think this is funny, wait until you read the conversation I had with her friend and my friend. Laura is my teaching assistant. I will copy and paste the conversation here so you can the full impact of the chat we had.

Please understand that, although I find this very funny from a westerner’s viewpoint, it is very interesting to me in my study of Chinese culture. If you were not aware, many of the old Chinese medicine practices, along with other old cultural practices from around the world, is being reintroduced into modern medicine. And, these methods are successful. So, although we can laugh at what appears to be outrageous thinking, it can have certain elements of truth and usefulness too. Just something to think about.

cherry has baby
王浩 Wang Ha  9:08:25 PM
her baby is nearly three months
nashboroguy  9:09:36 PM
REALLY???? That is so awesome.
I am very happy for her.
I get to be an uncle.
Tell her that I am upset that she did not tell me herself.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:10:28 PM
she seldom use phone now
nashboroguy  9:10:57 PM
She can still send me a QQ message.
But, I am very, very, very, very happy for her.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:11:31 PM
nashboroguy  9:11:51 PM
王浩 Wang Ha  9:12:27 PM
the phone has radiation its bad for baby
nashboroguy  9:13:32 PM
Really????That is too funny. I had never heard that excuse before. That is ridiculously funny.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:14:43 PM
so when we have baby we will buy radiation clothes and seldom use the phone
nashboroguy  9:15:00 PM
Really??? You do know that is not true.
As much as you use phones, you would be dead by now by radiation.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:16:23 PM
but for pregnant woman we seldom use that
nashboroguy  9:17:30 PM
I think this is very silly. I thought you were joking at first.
This is too funny to me as a Westerner.
We know better than this.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:18:07 PM
haha.its different
nashboroguy  9:19:20 PM
I wonder where this thought came from.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:19:52 PM
the older said
nashboroguy  9:20:23 PM
Oh, Evil technology of the 21st century.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:21:08 PM
nashboroguy  9:21:12 PM
I have to post this on my blog for my friends in the US to see. They will not believe it.
At least the “Chinese medicine” worked to get her pregnant. Ha Ha
王浩 Wang Ha  9:23:04 PM
haha,but before she use the medicine she is already pregnant
nashboroguy  9:23:52 PM
Really? It is amazing that someone can have a baby without traditional Chinese medicine. Ha Ha
I am sorry. I am not making fun of your traditions. But, you have to realize how strange and amusing it is to a westerner.
We have no such tradtions.
王浩 Wang Ha  9:24:58 PM
nashboroguy  9:25:17 PM
Or, as my students would say….It is very interesting to me. Ha Ha
Can you now see why I love China so much? It is never a dull moment around here. But, in all seriousness, there might be some element of truth to being around all these electronics while pregnant. Autism and ADD are on the rise in America. As are a host of other child issues. So, although if seems funny, maybe it is not so funny. Doctors are beginning to use leeches again for some surgeries. Forgotten herbal rememdies are finding their way back into modern medicine. So, maybe this has an element of truth too.

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