The World Revolves Around Me…

This may sound egocentric or in a negative way to many. But, it is true. Well, actually the title is a bit misleading. It really should say, “The world revolves around me when God is in my life”. Before you condemn me, please keep reading.

It is no secret how I feel about my faith in God. I have expressed many times that God leads my life and I follow. I have taken a stance on allowing Him to direct every aspect of my life. I have come to the conclusion that since I have turned my life (my entire life), over to God, He has directed me to achieve a greater goal. He is in charge of everything, everyone, and every moment of time in my life. And, today, is just another example of that happening. Some people call these events in my life coincidences, Karma, Murphy’s Law, and many other things. But, when they happen consistently in my life, I can only say it is confirmation that there is a God and He is in control of my life.

The story I am about to detail is not a miracle of healing or some other worldly testament that shows God is real to people. But, it is just another example in my daily life with God that shows me that there is a plan and I am a tool for the plan. So, take the following words for whatever you will. I just think it shows so much about how God has been using my life.

I was in Xinpu today meeting some friends. To get home, I have to take a bus for 45 minutes to get back to Ganyu. I have made this trip time and again. I know that if I catch a bus from one station, I am delivered to a specific station in Ganyu. We have two stations. One is closer to my home than the other. In the year and three months that I have been in China, I have taken this bus at least two dozen times. Each time, the bus goes to the same station. But, not today. For some reason, the bus went to the other station. I do not know why. Instead of a 10 minute walk home, I would not face a 30 minute walk home. Luckily, it was a beautiful day and the walk would be nice.

As I am walking home, my thought come to think about God’s grand plan, how lucky I am to be in China, and the many blessings I have in my life. I then begin to think, “why did the bus go to the wrong station? Why God did you make this change?”. I am conscience enough to know that God is very active in my life now, just as I have previously stated. So, I am asking myself, “Why God did you deliver me to that station and have me walk home”. This was not just a quick rhetorical question and then moving on to a new train of thought. This is one of those questions that occupies your thinking for a while. Why is there air? What is the meaning of life? Why does bad things happen to good people? It is not like I have anything else to do walking home.

As I am thinking this through and having a conversation with God in my head, I am trying to make sense of it. I am trying to be aware of my environment to see if God is trying to show me something. Of course it is seldom that simple when you are talking about God’s great plan for our lives. Far too many variables are usually required. But, nevertheless, I am waiting for that wonderment of God to show Himself to me. Nothing. I am halfway through my walk and conscience conversation with nothing to show for it. During the second part of my walk, my attention is diverted to increased traffic and my safety as I walk the busy streets and sidewalks. My dodging e-bikes, and weaving around groups of people who think they own the sidewalks, preoccupies my thoughts. My mind is no longer on questioning God about His detour He took me on.

I get to a point in my walk where I have to decide which direction I want to take home. Both paths are the same distance and both are enjoyable walks. I then remember a text message I got from a friend earlier in the day. She had asked me if I wanted to have tea with her and some friends. At the time, I was in Xinpu and she was in Ganyu. I did not think I would be back in time. No problem. But, I decided to come back to Ganyu earlier than I planned. So, I texted her to see when they were having tea. She called me after I sent the text and said that they were just arriving at the tea house. I asked which tea house they were located at. I am in China folks. There is a tea house on every corner. Ha Ha. It just so happened that they were about 25 yards from where I was standing. So, I go to meet them. It was a wonderful visit. I got to meet two great new Chinese friends. And, I eventually walked home with one and had a wonderful conversation.

Anyone putting two and two together yet? I told you it was not a miracle story or anything earth shattering. But, this is common in my life. God led me where He needed me to be. If I went to the regular bus station, I would not be at that place and at that time that He needed me there. And, it was just another example that God could show to me that He is in my life and walks with me and guides me.

Many will say, “That is an entertaining story, BUT….”. That is fine. You can BUT me all you want. And, I will BUT you back one more time. This is not going to be the end of this experience. All my experiences seem to be linked together. And, God did not make this happen just so I could have tea. Maybe He did it just as a reminder that He is always there in my life for me. BUT….BUT, I am almost sure that there is a bigger reason in God’s plan. The two people I have met today, along with my friend, are part of God’s plan. So, maybe I will be adding a posting one day giving more proof that God is guiding me. Maybe I was meant to meet one of these people today for a greater purpose than a good conversation and some tea. Only time will tell. Sometimes I do not get the full picture. Sometimes I do not get to see the answer to “Why God?”. Sometimes I just get to be used for the greatest plan in life. I do know one thing. The world revolves around me when God leads my life. And, I really would not have it any other way.



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