My Birthday Dinner

IMG_3424 IMG_3431 IMG_3430 IMG_3429 IMG_3428 IMG_3427 IMG_3426 IMG_3425 IMG_3423 IMG_3422 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3419

I am not sure why some of the pictures are so bad. But, the memories these young people provided me will last a very long time. These are my children from last year’s summer camp in Beijing. Their hometown is in Shangrao. I had an opportunity to go and teach there for a week. It was one of the most blessed weeks I have had. And, it was my birthday. They decided I needed a birthday party and guided me to a wonderful restaurant. We had a marvelous time. About 16 of my students took me to a BBQ/buffet restaurant. My company ordered a birthday cake for me. And, some of the kids brought me presents. Two of them wrote me wonderful letters.  And, when it ended, there were a few tears. I am not sure if, or when, I will get to see them again. Maybe in a year or maybe never. But, I know this…they will each grow into fine adults leading the way for China in the future. They have heart, compassion, dedication, respect, and most of all….Love. They know I will be available as a life mentor if they need me. I hope they will cherish our times we have shared for many years to come. In just two years, they will be headed to high school preparing for their Life changing exams that will decide their future for college. And, five years from now, they will be making their way into their adulthood. Does my pride in them and my love for them show enough. It is hard for me to describe in words the bonds and friendships I have been able to develop with my students. Perhaps there are no words to be used. All I know is that my life have been blessed beyond measure through these kids and my experiences as a teacher in China.


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