Day at the Beach

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Sunday, my friend Jim and I went to Lianyungang beach. It is on an island in Sugoa. It is a park type location. We had to pay 50 RMB (about $9.50 USD) to just enter the park area. Then, you pay for anything else you wanted to do. They have boat rides, paddle bikes, amusement rides, and other things. We found a boardwalk that meandered along the cliffs and followed that for about 2-3 kilometers. It led to another smaller beach. Fewer people were there. So, we found a tiki style umbrella to sit under and relaxed. We did not have to pay for the umbrella location. My friend Jim decided to go for a swim. It was a little cool for me to go swimming. But, I enjoyed the time just relaxing, people watching, and listening to the waves. The beach had many Russians on it. There is a nuclear power plant being constructed nearby and they are there to oversee the construction and operations.

On the way to the island, Jim and I were on a bus crossing the causeway to the island. There was much road construction, so it was a slower and bumpier ride than what we would have had. And, suddenly, the bus stops. A construction man had stopped the traffic on the road. The driver laid on his horn, leaned out the window and began yelling at the man, and then got out of the bus to confront him. Shortly after all this, there was a loud boom. They were exploding some rock debris ahead. Good thing the driver did not try to go through the traffic stop. Ha Ha. We had to wait for about 20 minutes. there were two explosions. It was interesting.

Beaches are always a favorite location for wedding pictures. All along the beach area, there were wedding groups and photographers present. It is fun to watch them get their wedding pictures finished.


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