CiCi’s Chinese Wedding

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This past Saturday, I attended my friend’s wedding. This is my third wedding here in China. Some thoughts:

* This was the second wedding. The first was in the groom’s hometown in the far west of China. I am sure it was much more elaborate and interesting. Chinese will often have multiple weddings (if they can afford them). They will have the main wedding and exchanging of the vows in the hometown of the groom. They will have a secondary wedding in the bride’s hometown (if it is not the same as the groom). And, they might have a third wedding if they have lived in a different town/city than where they grew up.

* Chinese weddings are nothing really special. They are not romantic. They are not anything like a western style wedding. I have come to believe that they should just tell their family and friends that they are getting married and not do anything more. It seems that most weddings are all about collecting money from family and friends. And friends of family and friends. At a typical wedding, you give your money, eat/drink, toast the couple, maybe have a small amount of entertainment, and leave.

* You see the picture of the woman playing the fiddle. She was not playing it. It was a recording being played over the speaker system. I could tell because when she was strumming the bow, it was on the side of the fiddle, nowhere near the strings. I guess it was cheap entertainment. But, she could sing. She did sing a nice song.

* It is customary to get a gift when you give money to the wedding. It is usually some candies and a pack or two of cheap cigarettes. The food at a wedding is usually very good and plentiful. And, there is always a bottle of rice wine available for toasting the couple when they come to each table to say thank you for attending.

* I had some fun (in an evil way) before the wedding. Since it was raining, my friend and I arrived early to the hotel. There were some tables and chairs looking out the windows of the hotel. We sat in them. A woman from the store that was behind us came out and tried to tell us that we had to leave. She was not very nice about it. It was not as if we were preventing any other people from using them. There was no one else around. She kept mouthing off to us. So, we just ignored her and talked to each other. This seemed to steam her up more. She locked up her little shop and went to tell someone about us. We saw her get a security guard from the hotel. He took one look at us, grinned and walked away. This did not please her either. Eventually we got up and went to the wedding. I threw he one RMB for her troubles. Yes, I was being a jackass. I know this. But, sometimes, I just get tired of the Chinese way and have to act out. This was one of those times. I was in the wrong. I admit it. But, it sure felt good to just get it out of my system. I think I am good for at least another month or two….Ha Ha.


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