Humor is lost on Chinese people…


*** I found this picture online and thought it was very funny. Chinese love to cheat on tests. At our school, the students build up a tower of books in between then to thwart cheating. So, I sent this to many of my friends on QQ. Well, my foreign friends thought it was funny. My Chinese friends…well…I will let one conversation tell the story…

its Susan from Camp 9:50:10 AM
what are they doing?
its Susan from Camp 9:50:43 AM
where did you take this pic?

nashboroguy 9:51:20 AM
They are taking a test. The teacher is having them wear these on their head to prevent them from cheating from the person next to them. No. I did not take this picture. I found it on the internet.
its Susan from Camp 9:53:56 AM
okay its not true then

its Susan from Camp 9:54:17 AM
its punishment

nashboroguy 9:54:47 AM
I think it is true. I think a teacher made them wear these while taking tests. But, I can not be absolutely sure it is true. I think it is a great idea.

its Susan from Camp 9:55:07 AM
i dont think its right to prevent them to cheat but need find out why they want cheat
its Susan from Camp 9:56:41 AM
need find out the reason or if a teacher make a new way to prevent them then students will find more than one way to aeginst this way
its Susan from Camp 9:57:03 AM
in Chines its called 道高一尺魔高一丈

nashboroguy 9:57:15 AM
Yes. I know that chinese people like to cheat and not lose face.

its Susan from Camp 9:57:41 AM
While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten can this translation make any sense?

nashboroguy 9:58:01 AM
You are putting too much into this. It was a funny picutre. Nothing more.

its Susan from Camp 9:58:25 AM
i love arguing
its Susan from Camp 9:58:35 AM
sorry did not mean to win you haha
its Susan from Camp 9:58:48 AM
or beat you

nashboroguy 9:58:56 AM
nashboroguy 9:59:52 AM
We foreign teachers know why Chinese student feel a need to cheat. That is not the issue. We just find the picture funny.

its Susan from Camp 10:00:15 AM
its Susan from Camp 10:01:07 AM
can i think that you foreign teachers are making fun of our cheating culture?
its Susan from Camp 10:01:18 AM
i agree its part of our culture
its Susan from Camp 10:01:33 AM
cheating history can be backed to ancient China

nashboroguy 10:01:49 AM
Yes. We make fun of your cheating culture and the amount of white lies you tell each other to save face.

its Susan from Camp 10:01:54 AM
maybe Tang dynasty
its Susan from Camp 10:02:53 AM
we dont mind we even make fun of ourselves

nashboroguy 10:02:57 AM
Overall, it puts dishonesty into your personalities and your society. Trust is never regarded as a virtue among Chinese people. Therefore, you have a hard time to allow forgiveness of others.
nashboroguy 10:03:49 AM
So, we foreigners have a hard time trusting our Chinese friends in things they tell us. But, we accept it. We just say TIC and move on with this understanding.
nashboroguy 10:21:09 AM
I just thought it was a funny picture. It is amazing how many of the foreigners are laughing about the picture and offering comments about how wonderful of an idea this is. And, my Chinese friends are asking serious questions about it. They want to justify it. They want to explain to me why they cheat. Jokes and sarcasm just are not understood between our cultures. i guess that is why most American comedy movies do not do well here. They just have to be action films with great special effects. Very intersting to me about what has happened over a simple picture.


2 thoughts on “Humor is lost on Chinese people…

  1. This is most interesting. We also have this same situation among black and white people in America. People not understanding others culture based on non informed people. No matter how simple the situation.

    • I can agree with you about that. But, it is not just Black and White. It is with all of the diverse cultures in America. But, here, it is even more pronounced. You can understand the humor and sarcasm in America for the most part. You just may not like it. But, here in China, they really do not have a clue. It is night and day in the comparisons.

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