Chinese View of Americans…Thanks Hollywood!

This is a conversation I had with a person on QQ chat service. It is a similar conversation I have all the time here in China. It does paint the image that Chinese youth have about America.

江男 6:21:10 PM
how long do you work there?

nashboroguy 6:21:48 PM
I have been in China for 1 year, 1 month. (我一直在中国1年,1月。)

江男 6:22:29 PM
when will you leave china?

nashboroguy 6:23:10 PM
I do not have an answer for that. (我没有答案。)

江男 6:23:52 PM
you don’t like china?
江男 6:24:11 PM
i know we china is poor

nashboroguy 6:24:28 PM
I love China. Why do you think I do not like China?(我爱中国。你为什么认为我不喜欢中国吗?)

江男 6:25:20 PM
china is poor
江男 6:25:32 PM
america is rich
江男 6:25:49 PM
thank you

nashboroguy 6:25:51 PM
Most Chinese are not poor any more. (大多数中国人并不贫穷。)
nashboroguy 6:26:00 PM
If you can afford a smart phone, internet, cable TV, an ebike, a computer and nice clothes…(如果你能负担得起一个智能手机,互联网、有线电视、ebike、计算机和漂亮的衣服……)
nashboroguy 6:26:02 PM
you are not poor. (你不差。)
江男 6:26:19 PM
江男 6:26:23 PM
江男 6:26:45 PM
so i am not poor

nashboroguy 6:26:53 PM
Not everyone in America is rich. I was never wealthy before I came to China. (在美国不是每个人都是富有。在我来中国之前我差点无家可归。)
nashboroguy 6:27:25 PM
You may not be poor. But, you may not be wealthy. You might just be average. (你可能不会差。但是,你可能不富有。你可能只是平均水平。)

江男 6:28:54 PM
i know we china is developing fast now
江男 6:29:55 PM
you amerian will look down upon us chinese?

nashboroguy 6:33:02 PM
That is OK. Many Chinese look down on us Americans. It is all about how you stereotype people. (这是好的。许多中国人美国人看不起我们。这都是关于你如何刻板印象的人。)
nashboroguy 6:33:12 PM
Chinese people have no idea what Americans are really like. (中国人不知道美国人真的很喜欢。)
nashboroguy 6:33:14 PM
We are not all fat slobs eating McDonalds all day while driving in our big fancy cars and have a gun in our waistband. (我们不是所有的脂肪懒汉整天吃麦当劳开车时在我们的大型豪华轿车和一把枪在我们的腰带。)

江男 6:35:31 PM
江男 6:35:54 PM
i konw americans all have guns

nashboroguy 6:36:05 PM
No they do not. (不,他们不。)

江男 6:36:54 PM
you can kill anyone you want to kill at anytime

nashboroguy 6:37:22 PM
Ok…Now you are just being stupid(好吧……现在你只是愚蠢)

江男 6:38:15 PM
江男 6:38:25 PM
you have guns too?

nashboroguy 6:38:53 PM

江男 6:39:01 PM
nashboroguy 6:39:05 PM
My parents do. But I do not. (我父母做的事。但我不。)

江男 6:39:17 PM
you are safe in china

nashboroguy 6:39:18 PM
Many of my friends do not have a gun either. (我的很多朋友没有枪。)
nashboroguy 6:39:35 PM
I am safe in America too.(我也在美国安全。)

江男 6:40:24 PM
your parents have guns?

nashboroguy 6:40:49 PM

江男 6:40:52 PM
my god

nashboroguy 6:41:04 PM
Only 35% of Americans own a gun. (只有35%的美国人拥有枪支。)
nashboroguy 6:41:34 PM
If you do your math, that means that 65% of Americans do not have a gun. (如果你做你的数学,这意味着,65%的美国人没有枪。)
nashboroguy 6:42:15 PM
Chinese need to stop watching American movies and mucis videos. They think that what they see on the screen is real America. (中国需要停止看美国电影和mucis视频。他们认为他们在屏幕上看到的是真正的美国。)

江男 6:42:28 PM
not that 98% of Americans own guns?

nashboroguy 6:43:04 PM

江男 6:43:04 PM
i like amrrican movies very much

nashboroguy 6:43:39 PM
I can tell. You have formed your entire opinon of Americans based on what you see from movies. Sad. (我可以告诉。你已经形成了整个民意基于你所看到的从电影的美国人。伤心。 )

江男 6:44:25 PM
american movies are very good excellent
江男 6:44:58 PM

nashboroguy 6:45:11 PM
No they are not. But, you can like what you want. (没有他们不。但是,你可以像你想要的。)

江男 6:45:36 PM
harry potter

nashboroguy 6:46:29 PM
I find it amazing that Chinese have access to the internet and can become so knowledgable about many things. (我觉得很不可思议,中国人访问互联网,可以对很多事情变得知识渊博的。)
nashboroguy 6:46:52 PM
But, they waste 99% of their time on their phones and computers (但是,他们99%的时间浪费在他们的手机和电脑)
nashboroguy 6:46:54 PM

江男 6:48:22 PM
江男 6:49:25 PM
but chinese pop music is more beautiful than yours
江男 6:49:54 PM
we like chinese pop music better
江男 6:50:34 PM
so you look down upon chinese?

nashboroguy 6:52:54 PM
No. I do not look down on Chinese. i love Chinese people. (不。我没有看不起中国人。我爱中国人民。)
nashboroguy 6:52:57 PM
Anyone would tell you that. It seems that you are the one that looks down on Americans. (有人会告诉你。看来你是一个看起来美国人。)

江男 6:54:00 PM
no, you are wrong,i like american very much

nashboroguy 6:54:45 PM
You have very little understanding of America or the people. (你有很少的了解美国和人民。)
nashboroguy 6:55:43 PM
Nearly everything you have said about America has been incorrect. (几乎所有你说的关于美国一直是不正确的。)
nashboroguy 6:55:46 PM
It is the common sterotype that young Chinese people have of America.(是常见的sterotype中国年轻美国人。)
nashboroguy 6:56:21 PM
You think that Americans are so open about sex that we have sex all the time with anyone we want to have sex with. (或者,您认为美国人对性很开放,我们做爱与任何我们想发生性关系。)
nashboroguy 6:57:07 PM
And, everyone lives in New York City or California. (,每个人都住在纽约和加州。)
nashboroguy 6:57:23 PM
All we do is drink beer.(我们做的就是喝啤酒。)
nashboroguy 6:57:35 PM
We all use drugs. (我们都使用药物。)
nashboroguy 6:57:57 PM
We are all unhealthy. (我们都是不健康的。)
nashboroguy 6:58:06 PM
We all live in big houses. (我们都住在大房子。)
nashboroguy 6:58:33 PM
We all have lots of money to do anything we want. (我们都有很多钱做任何我们想要的。)
nashboroguy 6:58:49 PM
Everyone loves Barrack Obama and Lady Gaga (每个人都喜欢巴拉克奥巴马和Lady Gaga)
nashboroguy 6:59:15 PM
If you answered yes to any of those…you are very very wrong. (如果你回答是的那些…你是非常错误的。)
nashboroguy 7:00:48 PM
America is as large in land as China is. We are much more diverse than China. (美国和中国是一样大的土地。我们是比中国更加多样化。)
nashboroguy 7:00:51 PM
But, we all put our pants on the same way. If you cut us, we will bleed the same blood you do. (但是,我们都以同样的方式把我们的裤子。如果你削减,我们将流血相同的血液。)

江男 7:01:56 PM
and your tv host called jimmy connel said he wanted to kill all chinese

nashboroguy 7:02:00 PM
You just happen to have 5 times the population we do. (你刚好有5倍的人口。)
nashboroguy 7:02:03 PM
I think it is funny that Chinese think America is so “open” to sex when you have 1.4 billion people. Who is having more sex? (我认为这是有趣的,中国认为美国是如此的“开放”性当你有14亿人。有更多的性生活是谁? )
nashboroguy 7:02:27 PM
I do not know who that is. (我不知道这是谁。)

江男 7:02:43 PM
callerd jimmy
江男 7:02:55 PM
called jimmy

nashboroguy 7:03:17 PM
Yes. There are some Americans that hate China. There are also many people in the world that hate China. (是的。有一些美国人讨厌中国。世界上也有很多人讨厌中国。)
nashboroguy 7:03:20 PM
And, I am sure there are many people in China that hate America. (,我相信在中国,有很多人讨厌美国。)

江男 7:03:23 PM
he is jimmy kimmel

nashboroguy 7:03:43 PM
I know many of your older generation people do not like America and the western ways that have come to China. (我知道你的许多老一辈人不喜欢美国和西方的方式来中国。)

江男 7:03:53 PM
we chinese all like americans

nashboroguy 7:04:05 PM
No you don’t (不,你不)
nashboroguy 7:04:41 PM
I hear it all the time. I read about it in your papers. I read it on your internet. Not everyone loves America or Americans. (我听到它所有的时间。我读了你的论文。我读你的网络。不是每个人都喜欢美国和美国人。)

江男 7:04:53 PM
and your tv host called jimmy kimmel said he wanted to kill all chinese

nashboroguy 7:05:30 PM
You just can not make statements that EVERYONE likes or dislikes something. (你只是不能使语句,每个人都喜欢或不喜欢的东西。)
nashboroguy 7:05:32 PM
Not when you are talking about 300 million people in the USA or 1.4 billion people in China. (不是当你谈论在美国3亿人或14亿人在中国。)
nashboroguy 7:06:35 PM
Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian in America. He makes his living by telling jokes. (Jimmy Kimmel在美国是一个喜剧演员。他通过讲笑话使他的生活。)
nashboroguy 7:06:37 PM
So, I doubt he said it seriously. It was probablly said in a joke. (所以,我怀疑他说,伤势严重。可能这是说一个笑话。)

江男 7:07:11 PM
suicide is not joke

nashboroguy 7:08:31 PM
In America it is. Many Americans think stupid and vulgar things are funny when told in a joke. I do not know why. (它是在美国。许多美国人的愚蠢和vulgr事情有趣的在告诉一个笑话。我不知道为什么。)
nashboroguy 7:09:17 PM
But, I am tired of arguing with you. It was interesting. You opened my eyes to many things about Chinese youth tonight. (但是,我厌倦了和你争吵。这是有趣的。你开阔了我的眼界,让许多事情今晚中国青年。)


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