Happy Gilmore: I need to find my Happy place


I think I am finally discovering why many foreigners get negative about China. I think I am getting there. I am hopeful that it is just the changing of the weather and a passing thing. Life really is different here when you look at things deep down. And, it wears you out sometimes. For me, the whole “face” thing is getting to me. Jokes and sarcasm just flies over their heads. No understanding of such things. With Chinese, it seems to be one of two things. You are either very straight forward with what you want to say. Or, you tell white lies to spare either yourself or the other person a bad experience. And, not being to speak the language is beginning to wear thin on me too. Although, I only have myself to blame for this. I have talked myself into thinking that I cannot learn the language. I just keep making excuses. I need to buckle down and just do it. With our technology, you would think we would have developed a chip to put in our brains to translate every language in the world…Ha Ha.

As for news…there really is none right now. Nothing exciting. Just working my classes and staying busy. With these negative feelings I have been having, I just have not been in my “adventure” spirit. Sure, every day I meet great people and experience different things. But, these feeling diminish the overall adventure. I need to find a way to correct my thinking and my mental state. Since I am aware of it, I should be able to steer myself in the correct direction. I really hope it is a weather things. Ha Ha. I do get effected by the changes in weather in significant ways. I always have.

I am excited about the upcoming summer camp in July. It was so much fun last year. I really like the camps because I can get to know the students on a deeper and more personal level. The bond we develop is great. And, it is something different than being here in Ganyu. I have five days off work at the end of the month. Maybe I just need to take a mini vacation someplace to refresh myself. That is something to consider


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