Relaxing in Beijing and Holidays of America

My first day off, I just sat around the hotel and relaxed. It was bitterly cold outside and I decided not to go sightseeing. I spent some time with the students, watched one of the teachers give a lesson, and visited some of my friends from the company. It was a good day just to relax. Sometimes I just need to do nothing.



I taught class in the morning. My cultural class was about holidays. The class took most of the three hours I had. But, I think it was worth the effort. The students seemed interested in the videos I chose and the information I was giving them. The last part of the class, I continued my English program. It is still too early to say if their spoken English will improve with the program. I think they are understanding the material. In the evening, I began my two on one discussions with them. I choose one student and they can bring a friend with them for support. I then have a casual conversation with them. I is a very relaxed time with them. I am evaluating them on their performance. But, they are not aware of this. They think it is just a friendly talk. Some do well. Others are struggling very much. Some of it is shyness. And, some of the problems is the lack of confidence. I think all of them have a good base for developing English conversation. Most of them have had 7-9 years of vocabulary and grammar lessons in school.


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