Science Museum Unlike any on the USA

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Our last day in Zhengzhou was the warmest day, but still smoggy and a little damp. Because of the visibility issues we decided not to travel out to the Yellow River scenic area. Instead, we went to the Science Museum.

We left the hotel and had lunch at McDonalds near the hotel. After lunch, we went for a walk through a mega mall here.  It is 7 large buildings connected. Nearly every building is dedicated to one kind of merchandise, such as women’s clothes, furniture, shoes, etc. Amazing. It was fun.

We decided to catch the metro line to where we wanted to go and ride the bus the rest of the way. It was a good trip. Heavy traffic on a Saturday. We meet many nice people along the way. In the larger cities, seeing a foreigner is not that unusual. But, there are still some that want to show us off to their children. The subway is fairly new and very clean. As we went through one of the security points, off to the side was this kettle looking things. I can only assume that it was used for bomb containment. It was about the size of a large Weber BBQ grill with a locking device on the top. I thought it was interesting. I had not seen one before.

We get to the museum. It is a nice museum. Most of the exhibits were working and the standard things you might expect were there. Electricity, mirrors, lighting, space and other things. But, there is one area that took me by surprise. Let’s just say that if you are having trouble explaining the birds and the bees to your kids, bring them to this museum. There is a room with exhibits about the human body. But, most of it is about puberty, birthing, and sexual production. Keep in mind, this is open to kids of all ages.

**** I have to place a warning here about some sexually explicit material. If you are easily offended by these things, stop reading ****

When you first walk in the room, you get a strong smell of formaldehyde. I could not understand why the smell, until I saw one exhibit. It was a huge model of a female reproduction system and under the model was the stages of a child developing in the womb of a woman. The thing is, these were real babies in the various stages, stored in formaldehyde. Jim and I were wondering where they got the children from. We were hoping that it was not from the many abortions China has.

The next shocker to us were the puberty displays. There was one video playing that I thought was very funny and interesting. It was a cartoon style video with a split screen showing the puberty stages of a boy and girl. The characters were black figures in white underwear. It was comical to see how they grow and change throughout the ages. The boy side was very funny as he begins to notice “changes” in his body. In fact, in one part, they show him having a “wet dream” ejaculation with a shocked face at the result. The girl goes through some bizarre changes in her body, overly exaggerated about the changes.

The biggest shocker to me was the cartoon style videos you can watch about puberty and sexual organs. You have to stoop under these cubical type machines that have a video screen in them. You choose various videos you want to watch. You can see them in the pictures on my blog.

We left the museum and made our way to a park nearby. It was very nice there. I am sure it is beautiful in the summer. It used to be a cemetery for soldiers and heroes. In the 1950’s they made it into a memorial park. There was a crowd around one of the pavilions and some people were playing instruments, singing and one man dancing artistically. As I was leaving the site, I saw a man in an unusual wheelchair powered by hand cranks. I approached him and asked to take his picture. After a while, a crowd begins to gather around us. Everyone is smiling and laughing as we chat and try to make sense of each other’s languages. It was one of the best parts of the trip.

On the way out of the park I saw a boy on a horse statue. He was so cute, I decided to take his picture. I loved the picture. After we left the park, we made our way back to the hotel. It is time to pack our bags and prepare for our 5 AM departure. Then, it is on a train back to Xinpu and a bus to Ganyu. I am ready to go home. Zhengzhou was a good trip. Nothing too great really. But, I can now say I have seen Zhengzhou.


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