Home Sweet Home…Ganyu China


HOME!!! It was a good trip. I have had better in China. I had a really good companion traveling with me. Jim and I seem to get along well and feel comfortable talking about anything. He is a good guy. But, I was ready to leave the city. I like my smaller towns where I can get to know the people and they have a genuine interest in me. Not that I need my ego stroked and feel like the rock star. That gets annoying often. But, I just do not feel like I am in China when I am in the larger modern cities. Maybe the younger guys enjoy that lifestyle. I am more interested in the culture, traditions, people, and history of China. I want to see old China. New China just reminds me of any other city. So, I am happy to be home in Ganyu.

We woke at 4:30 this morning. Our train was left Zhengzhou at 6:30 am. We got our things together and went to check out of the hotel. It was an easy process. They called a taxi for us. The driver wanted to charge us 150 RMB. Since we have been taking taxis for the past week, we knew it was only supposed to be 25 RMB. I balked at him about the price. He quickly reduced it to 100 RMB. I was telling him 25 RMB. We settled on 80 RMB. We really did not have much choice. We needed to get to the train station. It was too early to hail a cab on the street. And, he realized that he needed the fare since he drove all the way to the hotel for it. I still feel like I got scammed. But, when you are in that situation, you do what you have to do.

We get to the train station. We stop in a market to get some snacks and drinks for the trip. We find our way to the gate and wait for the train. I know Jim is tired. He is impatient and irritable. Understandable. We load ourselves onto the train, hop into the sleeper beds and fall asleep. It really as a good trip home with the beds. I will opt for a train over a bus in the future for long trips. It is so nice to be able to curl up in a warm blanket and sleep for most of the trip. When I did wake, I made my way around the train a bit. I smoked a few cigarettes. That is the nice thing about China. They are not a “Nanny State” like the USA when it comes to smoking. Even though you see “No Smoking” signs, you are more than likely permitted to smoke. Smoke on the train, indoors everywhere, and most places in between. I love it. No need to feel like I am offending some health freak from America who wants to throw a hissy fit because they are afraid of dying from second hand smoke. Yet, they will do many other things to try to kill their bodies off like scarfing down fast food and eating foods with all the chemicals in them; drinking like a fish and driving impaired; not exercising their bodies as recommended; and so many other ways. Just leave us smokers alone. OK…I will exit my soapbox now….Ha Ha.

So, we had a lovely trip on a train. Grabbed a bus in Xinpu to get to Ganyu. No issues there. And, we take a taxi home. That is pretty much the extent of the day’s trip and the ending to my winter holiday vacation to Zhengzhou.


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