Henan Museum

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We got a late start today. I guess we both wanted to sleep in late today. And, it was very, very foggy outside. But, once we got up and going for the day, we were fine. We began the day getting a taxi to the Henan Museum. It is a free historical museum. It was ok. Nothing too impressive there. Lots of old pottery and burial artifacts. The most impressive thing I saw was a jade burial outfit. It looked like a chainmail outfit made from jade and gold thread. We were going to eat at this one restaurant, but the pricing was a little steep. They had two unusual things on the menu though. Donkey meat and braised bovine penis. Not sure either of them would have made it to my plate. But, they were interesting.

After the museum, we were on our way to see another museum. This one was the Museum of Science and Technology. At least that was what the website told me and the sign outside of the address said. But, it was some small college type place with no museum. Instead, we were given directions to the real museum. After being stuck in traffic on a double decker bus through the city, walking a kilometer, and just strolling the city, we get to the museum…an hour too late. Closed! Just the kind of day we have had. But, it was a good day walking around the city and seeing the city.

We finished the day with a ride on their new subway system here. And then we had dinner at Burger King again. After dinner, back to the hotel and I am now entering info to my blog. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to a temple. Stay tuned for more news.


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